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Consumer Reports lists the 9 ways to live a longer life

In the March 2008 issue of Consumer Reports, sun safety is named as one of the 9 ways to live a longer life.  In addition to eating whole grains, finding time to relax, eating vegetables, and exercising; limiting time in the sun is recommended as a way to lengthen your life span.  The article encourages the use of sun screen to reduce the risk of skin cancer.  In July 2007, the agency ran tests on many popular sunscreen brands and now recommends Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch (SPF 45) and No-Ad Sunblock lotion maximum (SPF 45).  The article also recognized the importance of Vitamin D and recommends using supplements as a reliable source of this important vitamin.


Source: (2008, March). 9 ways to a longer life. Consumer Reports, 6.


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Sun safety intervention a success in middle school years

2007 study, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, indicates that a community-wide intervention program can positively change sun safety behaviors among middle school students.


The rising increase in incidence of skin cancer among America?s youth spurred a study on the effectiveness of a community based intervention to improve sun safety behaviors among 11-14 year olds.  The study was conducted over a two year period and involved a community based program.  Researchers determined the sun protection level of over 1900 students in 10 communities.  After two years participation in the study, the intervention group showed a significant increase in the sun protective behaviors as compared to the control group.  The intervention included two main areas of influence:  (1) educating adults and peers to role model and promote sun safety behaviors; and (2) create an environment within their communities that encourages sun safety practices.  This was accomplished by putting up posters, participating in school/health fairs, creating a logo/catch phrase that we used by parents, teacher and coaches.


The results indicated a slow in the decline of overall sun safety behaviors which generally occurs in this age group, and an increase in the amount of sunscreen use in the intervention group versus the control group.  To slow the incidence of skin cancer in young people and to establish life long sun safety behaviors, researchers recommend that skin cancer prevention programs start early, and create a community wide environment supporting sun safety practices.  A coalition between teachers, parents, and community partners is the most effective approach to skin cancer prevention at an early age.



Olson, AL, Gaffney, C, Starr, P, Gibson, JJ, Cole, BF, & Dietrich, AJ (2007). SunSafe in the middle school years: a community-wide intervention to change early-adolescent sun protection. 119(1), e247-56.


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Skin cancer more likely to kill men

Researchers at the Victorian Melanoma Service in Australia have found that men over 60 are more than twice as likely to die from skin cancer as women of the same age.  Projected death rates among men in the 60-plus age group are expected to increase by as much as 20 per cent in the next five years


Many men don't visit the doctor for a skin exam until its too late for surgery to prevent the spread of cancer to other parts of the body.  It is as important for men as it is for women to conduct regular skin self-exams and visit your doctor.


New data shows the number of Victorian men diagnosed with malignant melanoma has increased by more than 30 per cent for those aged between 60 and 80.  Unfortunately, this increase is because due of damage done years ago. 


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