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Work Outdoors? Protect yourself from the sun

Do you find that you are continuously getting sunburned on the job no matter how much sunscreen plaster on your body? There’s actually more you can do than just using sunscreen to practice sun safety at your workplace. You can protect your arms and legs by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants or you can take a break in a shady place. Click here to read more tips about practicing sun safety at the workplace.

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New iPhone App Helps Find Skin Cancer

A team of researchers at the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center released an iPhone app called the “Mole Mapper” that gives the users the opportunity to monitor and measure their moles all in the name of science! The de-identified data that the app generates from the users are then used to complement the melanoma research efforts. Read here for more information of the why’s, what’s, and how’s, of the new free app that was released October 15th in the Apple App Store.

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Are You Ready to Run?

Did you know that athletes who train outdoors have a higher risk for damaging UV radiation because of their sustained exposure? Did you also know that typically “marathoners tend to have a depressed immune system” caused by their training outside when they’re exposed to the sun’s rays? To be safe during marathon season this autumn, click here to read more about the sun safety practices you can do to reduce your risk of skin cancer during your marathon.

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