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How to Protect Your Skin from Winter Sun Damage

Did you know that snow reflects 80% of UV radiation? You might think that with the lower temperatures, the UVA and UVB radiation will lower as well. However, considering that sand in the summer only reflects 25% of UV radiation, protecting yourself from the winter sun is still crucial, if not more. So continue slathering on that sunscreen! To learn more about the effect of winter sun and 5 tips to protected winter skin, click here.

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Sun Protection for Your Pet

Practicing sun safety is beneficial for the whole family, even pets. Yes, your pets can get sunburned just like you. If your pet has thin hair, no hair, or has areas around the nose and ears that are exposed to the sun, there are sunscreen specifically designed for your pet that can either be ordered online or purchased through large pet retail stores. Read here for more information about what you can do to protect your pet.

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Sunscreen Could Slow Skin Aging, Study Finds

What’s the best anti-aging product? Sunscreen, that’s right. Australian researchers found that if you use sunscreen every day, you’ll have fewer wrinkles than people who choose not to use sunscreen. If you are age 55 and younger and you choose to wear sunscreen daily, you are preventing progressive skin aging as well as decreasing your long-term risk for skin cancer. Click here to read more.

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