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Spring Break Sun Safety Tips for Families with Children

From - March 19, 2013
Looking forward to a sunny spring break trip to get out of the dreary winter weather? This article focuses on sun safety tips as we head into warmer months and especially tips for those with children. Click on this link to read more!

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Should You Wear Sunscreen on Cloudy Days?

From - February 5, 2015
As winter continues, so does the importance of sun safety no matter what the temperature is outside. Not only is wearing sun screen very important, but one large factor to sun safety is wearing UV protective clothing like long sleeved shirts and pants, which is one easy way to protect your skin during the winter months. Read up on more tips within this article link below!

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How the Sun Sees You

From the New Zealand Herald - August 12, 2014
This video captures people’s reactions to images of their face under the lens of a UV camera. The amount of damage underneath the surface is sometimes surprising. It also gives great visual examples of how sunscreen and glasses block those UV rays to keep our skin healthy! Click on this link to watch.

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