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Researchers discover a natural food additive that blocks skin cancer cells

A team of researchers from the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy have discovered that food additive, annatto, which is associated with red food coloring and has a compound within its seeds called bixin that helps prevent skin cancer cells from forming. The team believes that the annatto plant “could prove a key ingredient of a new super-sunscreen, but one that works from the inside out” in five years’ time. Learn more here.

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Hugh Jackman posts sun safety appeal after getting skin cancer removed

Since 2013, Hugh Jackman has had 5 basal cell skin cancer moles removed from his body. He continues to warn his social media followers to slather on sunscreen before heading outside to prevent skin cancer. A week ago, on the popular social media networking site, Instagram, Hugh Jackman posted a picture of his bandaged nose saying, “Please don’t be foolish like me. Get yourself checked. And USE sunscreen!!!” Click here to learn more.

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Jurgen Schulz Founder of K-2 Launches Visionary Sun Protection Hat Brand, Shelta

To all you outdoor enthusiasts out there, it’s your lucky day! A new high-performance hat brand is said to better protect those outside with new brim technology that will help reduce your UV exposure. According to the president and founder of SHELTA, Jurgen Schulz, every hat “feature[s] their exclusive Winged Vision Visor technology, which keeps the brim from flopping in your face, even in wet or windy conditions.” Click here to read more.

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