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Just One Thing: African American Skin Cancer Prevention

While sun protection is important for people of fairer skin, people of color, especially African Americans need to be extremely cautious of exposing their skin to too much sun without protection. The article states that, “certain skin cancers can be more deadly in blacks because [they] tend to get a later diagnosis, unfortunately, when it is more difficult to treat.” Read more here.

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Tanning often goes hand in hand with other unhealthy behaviors, study finds

Dr. Robert Dellavalle, associate professor of dermatology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, conducted a study of teenagers and college students that use indoor tanning beds and found that teens who utilize these beds are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. He claims that it is like a release of endorphins the teen feels upon tanning that can translate to becoming addicted to the effects of drugs. Click here to read more.

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Is Sunscreen on Tattoos Necessary? An Artist Tells the Truth

Tattoo artist, Matthew Marcus, owner of tattoo shop, Three Kings Tattoo, explains that the damaging UV rays deconstructs the chemical composition of tattoo ink. Without the protective use of sunscreen, the artwork will fade. He goes on to saying that sunburns speed up the process of deconstructing the tattoo ink because your dead skin is peeling away the ink. Click here to read more.

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