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What happens to your skin when you get sunburnt?

Did you know that UV can damage your DNA? According to Biotechin.Asia, UV damage makes it hard to cells to regenerate and repair themselves to fix the damage that has been done. Once the cells are damaged beyond repair, the “immune cell invasion begins … [and] the process peaks 24 to 48 hours later, which is why the redness and painfulness of a sunburn can keep developing for a couple more days.” Click here to read more.

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Melanoma can appear in eyes

Routine skin exams are good to check for skin cancer, but did you know that your eye exams can help check for skin cancer too? Sometimes melanoma can appear in places that you can’t see, like ocular melanoma that affects your eyes. Watch this video to learn more about Liz Reilly and her experience with ocular melanoma

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These two drugs can eliminate one in five cancer tumours

Researchers have found that when combining two immunotherapy drugs together, they help to reduce melanoma tumors in 22% of cases. As much as this cocktail of drugs can help future skin cancer treatment, the found side effects can still be life-threatening. Read more about this research.

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