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Science Now Knows Why Redheads Are at Greater Risk of Skin Cancer

We all know that individuals who have fair skin and hair are typically more prone to skin cancer, but did we really know why? Researchers have figured out that it is related to a recessive gene linked to the fairness in skin tone, hair color, freckles, and lighter eye color, that redheads have 2 copies of. These copies are the reason why natural redheads are more susceptible to melanoma skin cancer. Read more here.

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Want Clothing to Protect You From Sun Damage? Look for UPF Labels

Covering up with long-sleeved clothing is always an easy choice of sun protection and did you know that clothing can have built-in sunscreen? It’s called ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) that is woven into the fabric that will give your skin extra protection for summer outdoor sun. Learn more here.

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‘Big Bang’ cast films PSA about melanoma after death of young Md. fan

This past week, the hit sitcom series, “The Big Bang Theory” ran a skin cancer PSA in memoriam to a die-hard fan who had recently passed away at age 17 due to adolescent melanoma. The public service announcement teaches the facts and risks of melanoma. Click here to watch.

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