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Build Awareness & Support

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It is important to obtain support from your workplace in order for the policy to be smoothly adopted and widely implemented.

Circulate the draft policy recommendations to supervisors, employees, human resources, and administrators. Consider their recommendations while developing the policy.

Tips for Engaging Policymakers
Adopted from NASBE’s Fit, Healthy and Ready to Learn, A School Health Policy Guide

Be prepared for challenges that may arise and ensure that all spokespeople for the policy are providing a consistent message. Create a talking points sheet for articulation of a consistent message.

Sometimes it helps to share stories of other workplaces that have succeeded in bringing sun safety to their staff.

Adapted from USDA Team Nutrition’s The Local Process: How to Create and Implement a Local Wellness Policy, and University of Southern California Prevention Solutions’ Alcohol & Drug Policy Resource Manual for Schools by Mary Ann Pentz, PhD. (Unpublished).

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