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Role of the Worksite

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Coloradans are recognizing the importance of sun safety, including decision makers at the worksite. Outdoor workers spend many hours a day being exposed to ultraviolet radiation and need to know how to protect themselves. Worksites can influence their employees in a positive nature by promoting skin cancer prevention during time spent on the job.

When creating a worksite policy, strive to achieve a balance of responsiblity between the employer and employee. If your worksite encourages sun protection, then employees should be made aware that they are responsible for providing the necessary supplies. If your worksite requires sun protection, then the necessary supplies should be provided for the employees.

Here are some ideas for making your worksite more sun safe:

Policy and Communication:

Worksite Shade Strategies:

Worksite Cover-Up Clothing Strategies:

Worksite Hat Strategies:

Worksite Sunscreen Strategies:

Worksite Early Detection Strategies:

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