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Developing and adopting a sound policy is only the beginning. Implementation requires good planning and management skills, the necessary resources, consistent oversight, and widespread buy-in by your staff. Communicating your policy and educating your staff are the first steps toward becoming a sun safe worksite.

Communicate Your Policy
Managers within your organization cannot implement a policy unless they know about it. Disseminate the new policy along with information that will help everyone involved understand it. Find materials that will help you get the word out. more>>>

Educate Managers and Employees
Provide education for all outdoor employees, so everyone within the organization can understand the importance of sun safety. There are many sun safety educational materials to help managers educate their employees. Organizations can also use the Sun Safe Colorado PowerPoint presentation to address staff during trainings and new employee orientations. more>>>

Become a Sun Safe Organization
Once you have your policy in place and you have communicated it to your staff, you have to make it happen! Here you can find tips that both organizations and employees can use to move your organization’s sun safety policy into action. more>>>

Adapted from USDA Team Nutrition’s The Local Process: How to Create and Implement a Local Wellness Policy.

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